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  1. Once the order is accepted it will appear in the Seller center as a pending order.
  2. The seller shall then package the product for shipping and mark the order as “ready to ship “within XYZ days.
  3. After marking the order as “ready to ship” the seller shall: Download the shipping label from the seller center and attach it to the body of the package.
  4. The seller shall drop off the product to’s head office at 207, Ikorodu Road, Lagos
  5. Upon delivery /collection, shall inspect products and packaging to ensure compliance with its policies.
  6. The seller will then be issued a delivery certificate for products delivered to, which will be the evidence of handover.
  7. If goods are discovered to be counterfeit, expired, or non-compliant in respect of specifications, quality, or packaging; they shall be rejected by Such non-compliance may also result in a fine for the seller in accordance with the Seller penalty policy.
  8. ng shall deliver products to customers within two to seven working days and sellers shall be notified of all unsuccessful deliveries within the same period.
  9.         After notification of completion of delivery, the sellers shall receive payment for sold products within fourteen days.
  10. ng may return items to the seller for any reason, including:
  • Unsuccessful delivery to the buyer; or
  • Products not being in sellable condition as a result of damage, defect, or expiration of the products
  • Return of products by the buyer shall inform sellers of items available for collection by sending an email to the seller.

Returned items shall remain available for collection at the’s head office for seven working days. Collection shall be by an approved individual with means of identification

If a seller fails to pick up products within the stated period, shall, at its discretion, either:

  • stop accepting deliveries from the seller; and/or
  • charge the seller in respect of costs of storage of the items.
  1. Return of damaged items

If agrees that unsold products were damaged while in its possession, shall compensate the seller (based on the level of damage done, at no price greater than the cost price of the products) upon receipt of verified claims from the seller.

As such sellers shall have the opportunity to inspect all returned items at the point of collection, in the presence of personnel.

In order to submit a claim in respect of alleged damage to items, the seller must

  • photograph items at the point of collection.
  • collect such items, and
  • submit a claim via seller Centre within 48 hours of collection

Failure to comply with this procedure shall lead to the seller’s claim being rejected.

  1. Forfeiture of inventory

Inventory forfeiture shall take place if the seller requests forfeiture or automatically in the following circumstances

  • the seller fails to collect items from the notified location within the predetermined forfeiture window.
  • the seller has engaged in fraudulent or illegal
  • the item creates a safety, health, or liability risk; or may dispose of forfeited items in any manner that it determines appropriate e.g., by sale, donation, recycling, or destruction.

 proceeds of forfeiture shall be deemed to cover winwell costs.

  1. The consequences of violation of these guidelines

 Failure to comply with any of these guidelines may lead to taking one or more of the following actions:

  • . Returning the products
  • Declining receipt of the products
  • Imposing a fine as provided for by the Seller Penalty Policy.
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